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Vasileios Gkisakis, Agronomist (MSc, PhD)

Vassilis specializes in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrobiodiversity, with extended background in Food Science. He worked previously in the organic farming sector, while he has collaborated with several research groups across Europe on organic farming/agroecology, olive production, biodiversity management strategies and food quality. He participated in several research & development, as well as agricultural education, projects, at national & EU level. He is a contracted lecturer of i) Organic Farming and ii) Food Production Systems in the TEI of Crete and visiting lecturer of Agrobiodiversity in the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM-MAICh), Agroecology & Sustainable Food Production Systems in the Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Organic Farminf & Sustainable Rural Development in the University of Warsaw (SGGW, Poland). He is official reviewer in one scientific journal, Board member of the European Association for Agroecology (agroecology-europe.org) and moderator of the Agroecological Network of Greece (agroecology.gr).

Kostis Damianakis, Biologist (PhD)

Kostis is environmental biologist and specializes on applying small-scale organic farming, based on agroecological principles. He has an extended background on laboratory analysis and regularly lectures food & tourism sector employees on quality control systems, food safety and hygiene.


Athina Fragkiadoulaki, Technologist agronomist

Athina specializes in the primary and post harvest production systems. She has been involved in the agri-food industry for several years in olive, vine and dairy products sector. She has also been extensively employed in the marketing and finance sector of Agri-cooperative unions in Crete.

Nikolaos Douslatzis, Technologist agronomist

Nikos specializes on best farming practices as applied within the framework of organic agriculture in perennial (olive and vine) and annual (vegetable) cropping systems, both for outdoor and greenhouse conditions.