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Agroecologiki delivers services on:

  • Applied Research & Development for Sustainable Production Systems (Agroecology, Organic farming, Integrated agriculture)
  • Environmental Impact of Agriculture
  • Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation & Use
  • Agricultural Vocational Education & Training
  • Advisory Services on Sustainable Production Systems & Agroecology
  • ICT applications for Agricultural Sustainability Assessment
  • Innovation Support Services for Agricultural Production
  • Statistical Analysis of Ecological Data

> Projects

Through the long term collaboration with national & EU research institutes, educational centers and non-governmental organisations, we have participated as subcontractors in the following projects:

  • Rusdela Erasmus+ project: "Developing an integrated rural development educational toolkit for decision makers and key figure" (2017-2108) [MAICh]
  • Development of Conservation Vineyard of Vine Varieties in Crete (2016-) [ELGO-Demeter]
  • Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems Training. Project OER-aRD (2016-2017) [MAICh]
  • Minerva Farmers Academy: Sustainable Olive Production training based on the Environmental Standard of olive oil production "Aeiforo" by Minerva SA. (2016) [MAICh and ELGO-Demeter]
  • Environmental Impact of Olive Production Systems Project for the development of a Private Environmental Standard (2011-2015) [MAICh, ELGO-Demeter & SSSA]
  • Livorg LdV Project: "Design and testing new VET frameworks for the transfer and recognition of organic livestock management skills in Europe." (2014-2016) [MAICh]

  • Agroskill LdV project: "Transferring methods for validation of informal learning to VET institutions in the field of sustainable agriculture" (2014-2016) [MAICh]
  • ACID LdV project: "Improving competences of agricultural counselors in the development of agriculture" (2012-2014) [MAICh]

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> Publications

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